The Koruhealth Board has

The Koruhealth Board has reviewed the fees for members and feel that a small increase is required so that Koruhealth can absorb increasing medical and healthcare treatment costs over the coming years.


The fee increases are lower than those offered by other Health Providers.

We believe that continues to be efficiently administered, paying out approximately over 95% - 97% of fees in benefits each year to members and provides good value.


The new fees effective as of the 1st April 2022 are as follows:-

For Current Employees - 

Single - $18.00 per f/night

Married/Partner or Single Parent plus one child - $36.50 per f/night

Family - $42.00 per f/night


For Past Employee/Retiree Members -

Single - $990.00 - Annually

Single - $495.00 - 6 Monthly

Married/Family - $1410.00  - Annually

Married/Family - $705.00 - 6 Monthly