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About Koruhealth

The Air New Zealand Staff Welfare Society Ltd, is an "in-house" employee run Provident Society providing general welfare and medical expense assistance for its members. The Society is registered under the Industrial and Provident Societies Act, and is administered by a Board of Management. The Society was recently re-branded and is now known as Koruhealth.

The primary function of Koruhealth is to provide medical expense assistance, along with supporting its members in times of hardship. The most visible area of this work is in the running of a discretionary claims process specifically designed for Air New Zealand employees and retirees. The Society runs on a membership basis and a unique focus on Air New Zealand employees, means that in many cases it is able to offer a more appropriate service than some of those offered by Insurance organisations. Because Koruhealth is not an insurance provider, in some cases it is able to potentially assist in the expenses of wide ranging treatments, such as alternative medicine.

Though not an Insurance organisation, Koruhealth is equally effective if you choose to combine the potential assistance the Society provides with your existing medical insurance and membership can be available to individual employees, their spouses and families.

Benefits provided are at the discretion of the Society's Board of Management and membership conveys the right to claim for medical expenses.  In the past, on average, Koruhealth assists in 97% of claims received per annum.

All permanent employees of Air New Zealand that are domiciled in New Zealand are eligible to join.

To view the Koruhealth Constitution click Koruhealth Constitution June 2022